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Creating a Competitive Edge: How to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy


You can’t win if you’re not willing to put forth the effort. Having a less-than-average work ethic will only hold you back; being proactive in your marketing efforts is what will push you ahead of the competition. Yes, it may seem risky at times to go above and beyond what’s comfortable, but that tenacity is often precisely what separates victors from also-rans. Undoubtedly, the most advantageous aspect of entrepreneurship is proactive marketing. I am a first-hand witness to how an unrelenting marketing strategy can be successful in constructing a prosperous business. There is zero doubt that my company’s success and command over the market was due entirely to our marketing team. From the beginning, we were aware that our key to success was Stronger Marketing™ and refused to allow any other company beat us at advertising.

How do you give your business an edge, that hidden advantage that keeps it ahead of the competition, produces consistent revenues, and promotes growth? Well for starters, if you want your marketing campaigns to be successful, focus on delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Though it sounds easy enough, executing this plan can be quite complicated. However, if you follow my three foundational pillars and proactively market your business, you will have a competitive advantage against others in your field.


  • #1: Marketing must be a long-term commitment.
  • #2: Fail Forward! Make adjustments and evolve your strategies.
  • #3: Marketing’s purpose is to create opportunities to sell.

November Release: Get an Edge!


10 Cost-Effective Marketing Tools For Your Business!

Author: P.J. Yates | Rynoh Marketing Director
Read Time: 8-Minutes

  1. Project Management: Trello ($5/M) – Trello is an easy-to-use project management tool that will allow your team to create project cards, set deadlines, and share feedback and ideas. A super great solution for remote teams.
  2. Graphic Design: Canva ($9.95/M) – Canva is taking over the graphic design industry! This great tool will turn any average Joe into an instant graphic, web, and video designer with hundreds of design templates to choose from. I can’t say enough about Canva! To sweeten the deal, they even provide users with free accounts to get started.
  3. Video Marketing: Canva ($9.95/M) – I added another slot on the list for Canva to make sure you understood the value of the software. Plug-and-play video marketing templates allow you to quickly select videos, edit text, and format videos in minutes.
  4. Social Media: Hootsuite ($129/M) – Hootsuite is a great resource to house all your social media channels. It’s a little time-consuming to get set up, but once you have all your social channels loaded up, it makes posting content super easy. Hootsuite allows you to load a post, select a graphic and choose the social channels you want your post to show up on.
  5. Content Development: Jasper AI ($24/M) – Jasper AI is an amazing tool to help you write content. I’ll get straight to the point on this one. You can load content and in just a few clicks Jasper will rewrite your content to sound like a professional writer wrote it.
  6. Web Design: Wix ($16/M) – Wix is another software that allows you to look like a professional by eliminating all the technical challenges of web development. Wix allows you to select templates for your website and then provides you with a step-by-step to launch it online.
  7. Lead Gen & Engagement: Poptin (Free) – This is a great tool to provide you with quick leads on your website. Choose from a variety of templates and then set up behaviors based on your web visitors’ actions. Invite people to purchase, subscribe, like or follow to increase engagement.
  8. Data & Analytics: Google Analytics (Free) – I’ve said this for years! If it doesn’t make data, then it doesn’t make sense. Let me be completely transparent. Google Analytics is quite complicated, however, every successful objective needs to be measured. Google Analytics allows you to track leads, visitors, time on website, and much more. The easier way to get a grasp on GA is to watch YouTube videos from subject matter experts.
  9. Email Marketing: Campaigner ($59/M) – All good sales and marketing strategies are complete with follow up communications. Campaigner allows you to easily load customer lists and launch and automate campaigns and newsletters to stay in touch with your clients.
  10. Live Chat: LiveChat ($20/M) – Last, but not least is LiveChat. This specific live chat resource will give you an overview of each customer that visits your website so that you can target your interaction and follow up. It will list how many times the user has visited your website, their geographic location, and the pages they have reviewed while visiting. It’s a great lead-generation tool.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 10 marketing resource overview. Finding the right marketing tools and cadence can help you build brand awareness and stay ahead of your competitors. Stay tuned for more resources to help you get an edge!

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