I Love Rynoh 2021

The results are in! 2021’s I Love Rynoh Survey brings in great testimonials, feedback and suggestions to help progress the future of Rynoh.

I Love Rynoh Client Survey 2019

The results are in!

Every February, Rynoh sends clients a survey to help improve its product and overall client experience. This year’s survey ran for four weeks received another impressive number of responses from all over the country! From all of us at Rynoh, THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this year’s I Love Rynoh Survey. It’s great to hear how Rynoh is helping our clients and how we can improve in the years to follow. Without future ado, congratulations to 2021’s winners!


Top 3 Client Winners

Teri Kirkwood, Title Agent
Marquette County Title – MI
“I dropped off several checks to be deposited at the bank drive-thru (lobby closed due to Covid-19). When I returned to the office, I noticed that I had 2 deposit slips with the same amount on them. I called the bank, they found the error, and debited the account accordingly. The next day in Rynoh, I saw the two deposits and the debit, and made my adjustments in my ledger. I also noticed that there was an ” Uncleared Deposit ” for a file. I found the deposit slip that was filled out and realized that it should have been deposited while I was at the drive thru that day. I called the bank and told them that I was missing a deposit; they said that they would look into.

 The next day in Rynoh, the missing deposit suddenly appeared! I called the bank and they told me that they accidently ran the one deposit twice and the other check did not get deposited. When I asked what happened, they said they found the check in the bank vault . If we didn’t have Rynoh we may not have known about the missing check/deposit until the account was reconciled.

 It is so important that when you are dealing with large amount of money that you reconcile daily.  It was a large deposit written on a cashier’s check. If it was lost and not found in the vault we would have had to post bond for a replacement check, and it could take up to six months to replace. I don’t know what we would have done without Rynoh?  It definitely made a difference for our business.”


Scott Mundt, President
Hallmark Title, Inc. – VA
“We reconcile daily so any mistakes by the lender, our bank, by us, etc., are able to be detected and resolved right away.  Rynoh’s 3-way recon takes me so little time whereas back in the day I would spend hours/days cleaning up mistakes – assuming it wasn’t too late to get refunded/correct. I tout Rynoh’s services daily and my only complaint is I didn’t have it for our entire 28 years – just the last 6!”


Michael Blake, Accounting Manager
TransOhio Residential Title – OH
“Rynoh has made our reconciliation process much more efficient. Before Rynoh, it would take 20+ days to reconcile accounts and now we are finalizing and approving reconciliations within the first week of the month. Rynoh has also been able to help identify errors sooner with the help of the morning report. In the past, we would catch many of the errors, but there would always be a few that we would not see until we reconciled accounts and by then, it was too late to correct in the same month.  Rynoh has also been another very valuable layer to add to our internal controls – very happy with my experience with Rynoh!”


Honorable Mentions

Teresa Smith, Agent/Owner
Title Associates of Columbia – TN
“Rynoh is like my best friend! No matter what mistakes I make or things I forget to do, Rynoh is there to help me get back on track. I used to do escrow balancing on Sunday afternoons and now I have that time for me.”


Pamela Williams, Closing Manager
PC Title Pros, Inc. – OH
“We love Rynoh! I don’t know how any title company cannot have the service. I get a complete picture of all of the wires, outstanding checks, files that maybe out of balance, and any monetary information in our SoftPro that doesn’t match our bank, all in a very simple to read report. Rynoh has made a huge difference in keeping our records in order!!”


Corrine Sharp, Bookkeeper
Central Illinois Title Company – IL
“What can I say about Rynoh?! I love it and recommend it to everyone!! Our company has been a member since August of 2016 and it has made my life so much better. Before we got Rynoh, the books here were not in good shape and had a lot of outstanding checks. One of our underwriters used our company as a cautionary tale of what not to do. When I become the bookkeeper, I asked for Rynoh and they purchased it for me. No more headaches for me at the end of the month when I have to reconcile the accounts.  We have Rynoh on both of our accounts and it is wonderful. In fact we are starting a new company and since I will have to do the books on it, I am insisting on Rynoh for it as well.  I love that I received an email regarding stale checks, so that I can double check on them and see what is going on. This keeps the accounts nice and clean!! Rynoh support is always very helpful and always explain what I need to do to fix or correct a problem.  In fact last month the bank made a mistake and cashed two checks for the wrong amounts, I adjusted my books to match the daily reports from the bank, then when the bank statement came out, the credits and debits did not match. I emailed Rynoh and they quickly help me fix them and I was very grateful!!  Again I can’t say enough good things about Rynoh – it is wonderful!!”

Shawn Beckman-Owsley
Marquette County Title – MI
“I came from banking into the title industry during 2020, and Rynoh really helped me learn how to use our software and reconcile how my data input affects our banking. It’s also great for fraud protection because businesses only have 24 hours to report certain types of fraud and the daily report will ensure that suspicious items stand out.”


Michelle Smith, Escrow Accountant
Transnation Title Agency/OFTA – MI
“Rynoh has saved so much time for me. I reconcile 17, sometimes 19, accounts. Reconciling these by hand was extremely time consuming. Rynoh has completely streamlined the process and has eliminated reconciliation errors and searches.”


Jesse Valles, Controller
Vanguard Title Insurance Agency, UT
“The reality of dealing with real-time transactions and detecting issues that Rynoh provides is invaluable. It has reduced time to research and resolve transactions by 75%. Before, it required a full day to reconcile our accounts, and now it only takes a couple of hours.”


Shawn Callison, Office Manager
Court Square Title Agency, LLC – VA
“Over the last 2 years we have had some turn over in staff and Rynoh has been a true blessing for our company.  It has allowed me to monitor the disbursement of files in order to detect any unsent wires and/or discrepancies in funds received or sent out on our closing files. I am truly thankful for this service that Rynoh provides. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!”


Congratulations to this year’s I Love Rynoh survey winners and honorable mentions, and thank you to all of those that participated!

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