I Love Rynoh 2019

The results are in! 2019’s I Love Rynoh Survey brings in great testimonials, feedback and suggestions to help progress the future of Rynoh.

The results are in!

Every February, Rynoh sends clients a survey to help improve its product and overall client experience. This year’s survey ran for four weeks from February 7th through March 6th and received another impressive number of responses – a total of 216 completed submissions from all over the country! From all of us at Rynoh, THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this year’s I Love Rynoh Survey. It’s great to hear how Rynoh is helping our clients and how we can improve in the years to follow. Without future ado, congratulations to 2019’s winners!

Top three winners

Corrine Sharp, Bookkeeper
Central Illinois Title Company, Decatur, IL
“RynohLive saves me so much time and no more headaches. The accounts here were a total mess when I started as the bookkeeper, with outstanding checks from years back. I got them to close those accounts and do new accounts with RynohLive, and I do not have to worry about anything really because your software and service is awesome!!! Each morning if something is not entered into our system correctly, I just print it and have the closing department correct the mistake. I love that it makes them responsible for their work every day, which is something that was missing before we got RynohLive. Your system is a true blessing to me!! I recommend it highly to everyone!! It is a true life saver!”

Teri Kirkwood, Closer
Marquette County Title Agency, Marquette, MI
“With the new machines that the banks are using now to make deposits, they run the checks through a reader and the machine adds them up. One check was written for $8,739.03 and the machine picked it up as $3,739.03. The ink on the 8  was light and looked like a 3 even though it was written as Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Nine Dollars and 03/100 Dollars. I thought that the banks always go by what is written? Thanks Rynoh for catching that!”

Christy Smith, Funding Specialist
Madison Settlement Services, Hanover, PA
“Rynoh saves me hours of time each month because mistakes can be identified the next business day and not 30 days later when we are working on the monthly reconciliations. Our underwriter is also able to access our accounts through Rynoh and this is incredibly helpful for our yearly audit. We don’t have to spend any time pulling bank records for them! It’s also a lot easier to monitor stale-dated checks through Rynoh since it updates daily with what has cleared. We love Rynoh!”

Honorable mentions

Bart Stocksdale, Director of Operations
Cotton Duck Title Company, Baltimore, MD
“Rynoh is an integral part of our daily operations. I’d be lost without it. I’d also have less hair. It saves us time now and down the road by identifying inaccuracies in real time while the information is fresh, avoiding extensive research months from now.”

Sarai Snyder Gumm, Closing Agent/Owner
Trinity Title Group, Jeffersonville, IN
“Peace of Mind! They are always just a phone call away. You can ask all the questions you have and they will answer and give you any assistance you may need!!!! When you call they always have the time for you that you need!”

Lisa Andrews, Bookkeeper
Vast Abstract, LLC, Bethlehem, PA
“When we first discussed using Rynoh, I was concerned that it would cut my part-time hours since I mainly spent time on doing our bank reconciliations. I WAS WRONG. With Rynoh doing a daily recon, I was able to spot issues and follow up on uncleared checks, outstanding deposits, and other issues so much faster. My hours shifted to other duties, but Rynoh has made things so much easier.”

Emily McEvoy, Owner
Home Surety Title & Escrow, Memphis, TN
“[We] had a mystery shopper scam. Between Rynoh and our bank, the scammer moved on in a few days as their checks were rejected immediately. We knew immediately and the issue was resolved.” 

Abby Butler, Processor
Southeast Title & Escrow, LLC, Knoxville, TN
“Rynoh has eased the process of reconciling our accounts tremendously. In this new year, we have been in the process of switching banks for our escrow account. I cannot say enough how much Rynoh has helped in this process. Rynoh will review both accounts, and notify me when any deposits/checks/wires are deposited in the wrong account, and keeps me from having to search multiple bank accounts for the one transaction. It saves me so much time on a daily basis.”

Dale Teruya, CFO
Title Partners Agency, St. Louis, MO
“Who loves to reconcile their escrow bank account every day?  NOBODY!  Rynoh has taken the most tedious hated task in the world (next to eating liver) and made it quick and easy. If you don’t use Rynoh, you’re wasting your time manually reconciling your account and trying to catch errors on your own. If you want to reduce errors and make your underwriter happy, use Rynoh.”

Meredith Bannon, Esq. , Attorney at Law/Owner
The Bannon Law Group, Bluffton, SC
“You caught a check that was stale and had been cancelled but the payee presented it. You helped keep me balance and protected me!”


Congratulations to this year’s I Love Rynoh survey winners and honorable mentions, and thank you to all of those that participated!

Read more about 2019’s I Love Rynoh survey HERE.

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