RynohSecure Provides Multi-Account Oversight For Auditors

RynohSecure enables the auditor/comptroller to monitor and oversee the daily operations of all Rynoh accounts.




Anomalies, Potential
Fraud & Audit Issues

RynohSecure is the monitoring module for the underwriter that is now a part of the standard agent configuration. A composite “Audit/Analysis” summary provides a daily snapshot of the integrity of account operations.

RynohSecure enables the auditor/comptroller to monitor, and oversee the daily escrow operations of all Rynoh accounts. Every transaction within the accounting system is monitored and reviewed 24×7. This composite report is generated based on alerts criteria defined by the auditor/comptroller. Additionally, monthly three-way reconciliation reports are automatically provided, and stored within the system.

Unique Features Include:

  • Remotely Review Any and All Accounts
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
  • Drill Down to See Anomalies

These features provide more rigorous and comprehensive oversight for faster error discovery and correction.