When Corrine Sharp joined her title company in Illinois, her number one priority was sorting out the company’s accounts.

“The accounts here were a complete mess when I started as a bookkeeper – with checks from years back,” Corrine said. To remedy the issue Corrine knew she had to start fresh. For her company, that meant closing their accounts and opening new ones equipped with RynohLive. “I got them to do new accounts with RynohLive, and I do not have to worry about anything really because your software and service is awesome!”Corrine Sharp, Central Illinois Title

“Each morning if something is not entered into our system correctly, I just print it and have the closing department correct the mistake. I love that it makes them responsible for their work every day, which is something that was missing before we got RynohLive. Your system is a true blessing to me! I recommend it highly to everyone! It is a true life saver!”

Since implementing Rynoh, the Illinois-based title company has improved its financial and escrow management practices, taken their security measures to the next level, cut down on losses, improved workflow, and has decreased the time spent searching for erroneous entries. “I recommend [RynohLive] to everyone,” Corrine said. “It’s a true life saver!”

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