Use Case:
How Rynoh Revolutionized Operations for the Florida Agency Network

Project Intro

The Florida Agency Network (FAN) comprises multiple title companies across Florida, managing around 30 locations. FAN is an expansive network involved in title operations and related services. Amy Gregory, serving as the President of Title Operations and Chief Administrative Officer, oversees the daily and strategic operations within the network.

Client Testimonial

Amy Gregory highlighted Rynoh’s seamless integration into their systems, noting the substantial improvements in daily operations and reduced workload due to automated processes. She praised the Positive Pay feature for enhancing security and trust in financial transactions.

“Rynoh has simplified our operations and brought a new level of security and efficiency that we didn’t think was possible with our previous systems.”

Rynoh’s integration into FAN’s operations illustrates the transformative potential of targeted technological solutions in the title insurance industry. By automating key processes and enhancing financial security, Rynoh has allowed FAN to focus on growth and customer service, setting a new standard in operational excellence within the industry.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Rynoh, FAN faced several operational challenges that stemmed primarily from manual financial processes:

  • High Volume of Small Transactions: Managing numerous small transactions (ranging from $500 to $1,500) manually was cumbersome and error-prone.
  • Labor Intensive Reconciliation Processes: Daily reconciliations required significant manpower, leading to inefficiencies and high operational costs.
  • Increased Error and Fraud Risk: Manual processes heightened the risk of errors and fraud, impacting financial integrity.

The Solution

FAN implemented Rynoh to address these challenges, leveraging its automated reconciliation and fraud detection capabilities. Key features of Rynoh that transformed FAN’s operations include:

  • Automated Financial Reconciliations: Rynoh’s system streamlined the reconciliation process, reducing manual labor and minimizing errors.
  • Positive Pay: This feature significantly improved fraud detection by verifying checks against expected payments, thus preventing fraudulent transactions.
  • Consolidated Reports: Daily consolidated reports from Rynoh highlighted only the critical items needing attention, thus optimizing the workload of the finance team.

The Impact

The introduction of Rynoh had a profound and positive impact on FAN’s operations:

  • Operational Efficiency: Automation reduced the time spent on financial processes, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Reduced Costs: Minimizing manual efforts led to lower operational costs and reduced the need for extensive financial teams.
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Security: The reduction in human error and enhanced fraud detection capabilities safeguarded against financial discrepancies and potential fraud.

Results: Efficiency Gains and Client Peace of Mind

Project Highlights

Ptak emphasized the convenience of all critical information in one platform, reducing the need for manual searches and ensuring that potential issues, such as returned wires, are immediately addressed.

Positively Balanced’s success story with Rynoh showcases the power of adopting technology in the real estate sector. Rynoh not only addressed specific challenges faced by the company but also contributed to operational efficiency, time savings, and enhanced client experiences. As Positively Balanced continues to adapt, the partnership with Rynoh remains a partner in their commitment to elevating security in real estate transactions.

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