Lee Swaffield

What company or organization do you work at right now?
Rynoh Live as Vice President of Sales since October 2016

How has your career benefited from being a member?
My career has benefited by being a member in several ways. The most prevalent way is with the relationships that I have formed with other FLTA members. Members are great people, professional and personable as well. I have developed an uncountable number of personal friendships with members that far supersede the professional aspect of membership. Being involved is another way my career has benefitted, truly jumping in to assist and support the association with whatever is wanted and needed whether it be a speaking opportunity, being on a committee or to act as an ambassador to educate and welcome new members to the association. There is no ‘wrong way’ to be a member that I have seen.

What career advice do you live by? Who gave it to you?
The career advice I live by is to ‘Tell the Truth’. This advice was given to me by, other than my parents growing up, my long-time friend and mentor Robert Pleasants. When in sales, it is easy to oversell, over promise or embellish the service or product one provides. I believe it is important to be clear what a product or service doesn’t do as well as what it does in order to provide the best service/product to the client.

What is the biggest career challenge you’ve had to overcome?
The biggest career challenge I have had to overcome is educating prospective clients as to what the problem is that my product solves for them. Getting their time and attention to have an open discussion on the gaps that they have, or potentially have, with their current processes and how the service I provide closes that gap. Title Agents and Attorneys are busy, period. Even if they close only a handful of files a month, they are busy running their business. To get time on their calendar to take a good clear look at a service with an open mind is a challenge. I never mind a prospective client saying No to what I am providing as long as they are fully aware and know what they are saying No to. The challenge is getting them to take time to really look and listen.

What’s your go-to comfort food? My go-to comfort food is Sushi/Sashimi. I love it and could probably eat it every day. We make our own at home occasionally, which is fun given we can put in whatever we want and come up with unique combinations.


FLTA Charitable Action Foundation, Inc. 2022 Sam D. Mansfield, Marjorie S. Schwartz and John Starr Thornton, Jr. Memorial Scholarships

The Sam D. Mansfield Memorial Scholarship Award was created in 1985 by the Board of Directors of the Florida Land Title Association, Inc., in memory of its namesake. Mr. Mansfield is a Past-President of this Association and was involved in many civic endeavors, always stressing the importance of education. The Marjorie S. Schwartz Memorial Scholarship was added in 2001 to commemorate our good friend Marge who, like Sam Mansfield, was an FLTA President and ardent supporter of our Association. The John Starr Thornton, Jr. Scholarship was added in 2003 to commemorate an outstanding FLTA member and title industry giant.

An applicant must:

• Be a member or the child, grandchild, brother, sister, niece or nephew of a principal or employee of a Florida Title Association member. (Regular Member, Associate Member, Life Member)
• Be a resident of the State of Florida
• Be accepted to any accredited institution of higher learning in the United States
• Demonstrate commitment to a post graduate career

• Explain your civic involvement in your community

If you meet this criteria, please complete the application, include your bio and return prior to September 16, 2022 to: Jena Daly,