New Teammate Spotlight: P.J. Yates
July 26, 2022 | 10AM EST 

RYNOH is growing – We are starting a new series to highlight new hires, partnerships, and resources. Each month as part of our New Hire Teammate Spotlight Series, we’ll profile new players who have joined the organization and ask them about their roles, their experiences, and why they chose RYNOH! Today we’re profiling P.J. Yates, Director of Strategy & Engagement.  

What are your name and title?  
P.J. Yates, Marketing Department. I’m not big on titles, I’m a whatever it takes kind of guy.  

What does your daily routine look like?  
I live the Dad Life 247365! My daily routine consists of getting up before my wife and kids to work out, read, pray and walk the dog. From there is a blitz of coffee, kids, and trying to get out the door! At work in the morn, I love figuring out strategies to leverage tech and data to come up with formulas to drive production and generate leads.  

How did you end up at RYNOH? What drew you to want to work here?  
Through a networking contact from a previous job. The people! During my interview, I got to meet the management team and loved the vibe. They are my kind of people.  

Tell us about your role and team. What’s your favorite thing about your job so far?
My role is super fun, and it incorporates all the things I like to do! I crunch numbers to figure out ways to leverage buyer behaviors and they come up with creative concepts to attract, educate and convert them into buyers.

My favorite part about my job so far is the creative freedom to try new concepts to attract buyers. Marketing is about separating yourself from the pack and to do that you have to be creative.  

How do you exemplify RYNOH’s values?
That’s an easy one! I’m built RYNOH tuff! I don’t care how big or small the problem is, I take pride in figuring out a way to get things done and not pointing fingers. RYNOH is a people-first type of company and I love that.  

Favorite team, group, or organization?  
My squad is the Baltimore Ravens! I’m from Maryland and have always loved the purple and black. I also love making fun of Steeler fans that take the game too seriously.  

Thank you for your insight, PJ. We’re happy to have you here at RYNOH!
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