🖳 Author: P.J. Yates | 📅 Date: 12.01.22 |⏱️Read Time: 3-Minutes

Inspired by its drive to do more for clients, RYNOH has announced the launch of its business-bundled software offerings. Each business bundle will include full access to all the RYNOH features and tools, highlighting RynohEscheat and RynohOpX. 

Starting January 1, 2023, RYNOH customers will receive full access to the software including RynohEscheat and RynohOpX. 

“We’re continuing our work with customers to further understand their day-to-day challenges so that we can develop better products and services to help them increase productivity while keeping their finances secure from any unwanted threats. At Rynoh we are passionate about people and technology, our goal is to continue to evolve our software as new challenges and technology arise” said Robert Pleasants, VP of Corporate Strategy of Rynoh. 

RynohLive was created in 2007 but bundled its software in 2022 to handle the day-to-day business challenges of finance management and fraud protection for title and escrow businesses. 

In the coming weeks, Rynoh customers will be able to get full access to the Rynoh Bundle that stacks all of its key features into one platform. 

Key features include: 

  • RynohLive: Is a patented financial management and fraud prevention system specifically designed for today’s diligent title agents.
  • RynohEscheat: Provides users with each state’s escheatment reporting regulations, deadlines, and due diligence requirements. The system monitoring of stale-dated checks allows for faster error discovery and correction.
  • RynohOpX: Ensures the integrity
    of operating account financial transactions in any business setting. Automate time-consuming tasks like daily reconciliation and positive pay to minimize repetitive work while increasing timeliness and accuracy.

The company is also launching a Rethink Series in 2023 focused on educating customers on how to leverage technology and automation to increase productivity and cut costs. The series will include monthly video releases, tutorials, and subject-matter expert interviews.

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