RynohIDW Provides
Real-Time Intraday Wire Notifications

Once activated, you receive emails/SMS notifications, at a frequency of your preference, as Rynoh receives notifications from the bank and processes the reconciliation from your software.




Know When Wires Come in or Go Out

RynohIDW provides Intraday Wire notifications so you are alerted, in real time, when wires come in or go out without waiting until the next business day.

IDW Worksheet

There are just three simple steps to get started! View the RynohIDW Activation Worksheet for additional information regarding how to set up and activate your eligible bank accounts* for this service.


Unique Features:

  • Real-time Reconciliation of Wires
  • Customizable Text and Email Alerts
  • Veritable Fraud Mitigation

 These features provide more rigorous and comprehensive oversight for faster error discovery and correction.