It’s October again, and that means it has been one year since the first issue of The RynohHorn was released, one year since we RynohHorn - Client Newsletter - October 2018introduced RynohOpX, and one year since we all participated in our favorite fall harvest traditions.

Harvest celebrations have occurred throughout the world for thousands of years. Many traditions stem from ancient harvest celebrations that took place during the harvest full moon of the autumnal equinox as a way to give thanks to the earth for providing us with FOOD.

Within our industry, and specifically as a tech company, we often hear the buzzwords, such as blockchain and virtual reality, and predict their implications on the future. But, these technology trends are far-reaching and span several industries – even food! In honor of the fall harvest, in this issue we explore some of the latest headlines in food tech and their respective applications.

Also, since October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we have a special guest contributor, Rynoh Director of Security & Product Development, Matt Field, who offers eye-opening cybersecurity advice regarding two-factor authentication. BON APPETIT!

In this issue: 

  • Feature – What Food Tech Innovations Have Real Potential to Change our Food System by Allie Wist, Artist, photo editor + director, and researcher
  • Cybersecurity Tip: Is Two Factor Enough?
  • Announcement: Rynoh Redesign