“The rhino is a perfect symbol for Rynoh. You have to be strong and have a thick skin in this business. And you can’t move backward.”

– Founder & CEO, Dick Reass


There’s always a story behind every company name. It can describe the whole purpose behind a company. For over a decade, our word has been RynohLive. A lot can change over the course of ten years, but for us, one question has remained the same. “Why Rynoh?”

No matter how many times the question is asked, it never gets old. We’re more than happy to share the story behind RynohLive, and to help others appreciate what Rynoh represents to us, and to our industry.

  • Our software is protective and tough. A rhino is known for its thick skin, protective demeanor and absolute strength. For CEO and Founder, Dick Reass, a rhino was the perfect way to describe his new company. Since the traditional abbreviation was already in use by another company, Reass had to get a little creative. Reass ended up changing the name to “RynohLive” instead. It may be a little confusing to spell at first, but we think it adds character. After all, RynohLive is a one of a kind software.
  • Just like a rhino’s protective nature, protecting our clients is one of our top priorities. We are dedicated to educating the industry on the importance of cybersecurity and how to defend against cyber threats while remaining compliant with industry best practices. Designed by a settlement agent, Rynoh’s features are designed with the title industry’s unique needs in mind. With Rynoh, clients get more than just a software, they get a team backing them up through every transaction.
  • We strive to move forward and work with the industry’s changing climate. In recent months, rhinos have grabbed the world’s attention following the death of the world’s last male, northern white rhino. Though the future of the species is grim, the world is moving forward in conservation efforts. Whether it’s a change in technology or philanthropy, Rynoh is devoted to move forward in whatever way possible.
  • Kupa the rhino – more than just a mascot. In early 2018, we realized something. We’ve had a rhino as our mascot since day one – but it needed a name! Enter Kupa the Rhino. Kupa, short for Kupatanisha, the Swahili word for “reconcile,” is a subtle nod to Rynoh’s involvement in rhino conservation and the software’s unique ability to offer daily three-way reconciliation; a best practice that Rynoh stresses as the No. 1 way to protect against fraud-related incidents.
  • Our team is a family. We stick together. To stay safe, rhinos (most often a female and her offspring) stick together. At Rynoh, we take the world “team work” seriously.  Regardless of rank of job title, we are all willing to help each other. Most importantly, we’re all here to have fun. We celebrate accomplishments together and we improve together. We’re each other’s very own “hype man.”

There’s always a story behind a company name, and with a name like RynohLive, it’s not uncommon to see a few raised eyebrows. Sure, we may have to correct the spelling from ‘Rhino’ to ‘Rynoh’ every now and again, but that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. Kind of like the time Rynoh caught six nearly perfect counterfeit checks totaling $41K. Or the time we turned hours of tedious work into just a few simple minutes. Or the time we helped prevent cyber fraud from costing an agent over $300K.

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