Ten years is no small feat which is why we’ll be taking the time to celebrate clients that have reached their 10-year mark with Rynoh and sharing their “Rynoh stories.” Loyal clients are the foundation of any successful company and we appreciate every single one of ours. In that vein, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Choice Escrow over the past decade, and we look forward to many years to come!

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“A long way since the beginning”Jim Payne, Choice Escrow & Land Title, LLC

Ten years ago Jim and Paige Payne, owners of Choice Escrow & Land Title, LLC in Missouri, made the decision to sign up with Rynoh to help manage and protect their title company’s escrow accounts. A decade later, they haven’t looked back. “We both have come a long way since the beginning,” said Jim. “Dick and JD pulled us into the ‘new’ world and now we depend on Rynoh every day!”

RynohLive is like our full-time auditor watching and pouncing on critical errors, and notifying us when things aren’t quite right.

Adapting to a changing industry

For most companies, selecting a software can be a calculated and sometimes daunting decision. In Jim’s case, Rynoh was just what his company needed to adapt to a changing industry and remain compliant with industry standards; to pull them “into the ‘new’ world.”

Looking to the future

In the past decade, Rynoh has made significant improvements to adapt to our industry’s changing technological landscape to make our client’s lives easier and their accounts safer. Additions to Rynoh’s module stack like RynohIDW (real-time alerts for incoming or outgoing wires) and RynohOpX (financial security for operating accounts) are just a few of the ways Rynoh continues to anticipate our clients’ needs while embracing today’s tech environment.